Eau du Rex

I am VERY proud of this video. It’s one of my favorites of the year for sure. It turned out exactly how I imagined it. Thanks to cameraman Chun Ming Huang, producer Michelle Orrego who oversaw the editing to perfection. (I’m already practicing my acceptance speech for the Cool Mom Awards 2012.)

I know I am not the first parent to love their child’s smell. ¬†Along with the cute round face, it’s another part of mother nature’s design that keeps one from leaving their wailing child on the side of a road. Recently, David Beckham commented on how he loved the smell of his new baby girl. Smell it like Beckham?

Some say it’s baby powder, some say it’s the absence of smog and cynicism. I think it’s a bit like fresh baked bread. My daughter still has a sweet smell, but it changes. I know it’s fleeting so I take big inhales of them whenever I can.

So, in keeping with my Italian Movie Star theme, I present to you the commercial I made for my favorite perfume. ¬†But then it’s not really a commercial since Rex’s scent is not for sale

17 thoughts on “Eau du Rex

  1. “Quanta nostalgia dentro me da quando sei partita…” cracking up here! Loved the effects, loved the reciting! That was a pretty well done video! (And, of course, rex is gorgeous and I’m sure very french smelling). :o)

  2. Loved this, Michelle — it is so earthy, so warm, soooo Italian but with such a universal message to all Moms and their kids.

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