Making Out With Your Kid (Momversation)

This Momversation is personal. I picked the topic, I picked the angle of it and I drove a few miles with my son in tow to make it happen. Yes, I left my house to vlog. Doesn’t happen much.

This all started when I ran across an essay on Babble (See, I mentioned you; can you move me up from mom blogger #31?  Thanks.) written by Joel Stein. It had the provocative title, “Making Out with My Son“.  But I wasn’t grossed out. I knew exactly where he was going with this. Sadly, many people were dialing 911 as they read it.

Now, not only did I relate to the essay I also felt like, for years, I got Joel.  He used to write op ed pieces in the LA Times during the very moment when they had interesting writers.  Now, with the exception of Ronald Brownstein, it’s pretty neutered. He writes for Time as well, but unless I’m in an airport I don’t read that. I know he is a very funny writer. In fact, his piece about a man crush on Obama in ’08 was the only writing I had saved in my “inspiration” file. (The file wasn’t my idea. Back when I had money, I hired an organizer and that was one of her ideas to haul all of the crap off my desk). Joel also has his own theme song.

Then I didn’t just feel I knew Joel I did know him. I met he and his wife Cassandra Barry, who also writes for Babble, at a fundraising dinner for my daughter’s school that my husband did. The Barry Stein’s are hoping to get into our little gem of a charter school and eat well while they do it. We also ran into them at the trash fiesta we went to. Clearly, they were our food group. I didn’t tell them about the file least I appear stalkery.

So, a tad bored as I am with the same Momversation format and working alone, I wrote Joel an email asking if I could come with my tripod and include him on this. So, it’s a parentversation. Let me know what you think.

(Production note:  Rex was upstairs watching cartoons and eating crackers while this was made.)

So do you make out with your kid?

10 thoughts on “Making Out With Your Kid (Momversation)

  1. Totally! My youngest has these very intense mommy moments, usually at bedtime, when she wants to kiss me for a lonnnnggg time. She looks right into my eyes, holds my face with both hands, and kisses me as hard as she can. It’s usually giggly and I eventually pull away to breathe, but I try not to express discomfort or embarrassment. I am so happy that she is feeling and expressing the intensity of her love. It makes me think she is going to find a life out there somewhere with others and she’s going to be ok.

  2. I make out with my son ALL THE TIME! Everyday, all day, 24/7! I know it’s gross to some people but they grow up fast and those moments when he kisses mommy, are the BEST! Cherish those moments where they express their love thru touch because as they get older, they won’t want to hug and give you kisses anymore.

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