Tire Swing

Often, Mark suggests things that make me roll my eyes.

Either because he put it in a pun– which wear on me.  Or I know it’s something that is NEVER going to happen. Example: “On Saturday, let’s all get out the door by 8am so we can get to the Farmer’s Market across town and buy the best Persian Mulberries before the guy sells out.”

Cut to an entire house sleeping on Saturday save for Rex jumping up and down on my chest screaming “Bubble Guppies, Bubble Guppies”.  So, my wifely eye roll is “come on, let’s deal in reality.”

So, when Mark said, “we should make a tire swing” in our big, new backyard I filed it in the part of my brain where I also lodged his frequent comment to guests, “We are going to have a zip line going from the patio to the end of the yard!”  Snare drum anyone?

So, imagine my surprise when one day we had tire swing in our back yard.

My husband is a stud.

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