Speaking in Third Person

There are so many traps moms can fall into. Looking haggard (check), lack of manicure, regular highlights and claw like toes (check, check, check). But motherhood can also affect our speech.

One day, I realized how I was talking. What’s the matter with me? Why do I do this? What if I took this pattern to its logical extreme?

Do you do this?  Why do we do this?

12 thoughts on “Speaking in Third Person

  1. I know why I do this,….after spending the entire day/night with 6 month old, playing peekaboo hours on end, making sure he’s happy, clean, fed, smiling etc…there are some points throughout the day where unless I REMIND myself that I’m MAMA ( said is sweet, slightly annoying baby voice) I’d just go NUTS, It’s a coping mechanism for not loosing my mind. Alternatively I could crack open a bottle of vodka at midday.

  2. Just watched “Extra Virgin” on the Cooking Channel (love that show) and was pleasantly surprised to see you and your husband! I think Mark gave them sound and gracious advice. Looks like you all had fun…

  3. we did! so bummed didn’t know it was coming on. Ran into Debi recently ( who always looks great) and she said she would let us know.. oh, well.

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