Well, Now That You Asked…

This morning I got up bright and early ( it was dark outside) to be picked up by a car to go to a NBC studio and be interviewed by my friend Chris Jansing on MSNBC. Yes, that link is to the video.  Please note, that unlike Ruth Madoff I did my own hair ( glad they couldn’t see the back like in my recessionista vid

So, Ruth Madoff is going to be on “60 Minutes” this Sunday. It will make me seethe, but at some point I will probably watch it. Not during our dinnertime and not when I could be reading to my children, but I’ll DVR it and watch it.

As a chatty, open “victim” I’ve started to get the calls from the news media about my reaction. I feel sorry for the producers because I can’t say that I’m a total basket case; that would be better TV. Some of the repercussions of the loss of our savings is too personal to share even on this blog. It would violate other family members’ privacy. Suffice it to say: It has had a huge impact.

But I’m fine. Pissed, poorer, asking people, “Hey can you hold that check for a week or so?” … but in the realm of normal living.

HOWEVER, when I read that poor Ruth and Bernie tried to off themselves I seethed anew. I’m hesitant to respond at all because it usually sets me back for a few days.

Did they try to smother themselves in a big bag of money?

Ruth says they took some pills because people were calling them mean names. Not because they had RUINED people’s lives. Poor Bernie took pills because everyone knew he was crook, not because he was a crook. Not when he took old people’s life savings.

I reserve HATE for a few people. Two that come to mind: Bernie Madoff and Stanely Chais (i.e., the dead guy who took our money and gave it to BM – good initials for him).

But I’m fine. I have to help Rex with his watercolor.

5 thoughts on “Well, Now That You Asked…

  1. Daphne.

    I hear you.

    I really do.

    What he did is HORRIBLE.

    And his lack of conscience: even worse.

    Believe me: out of sight , out of mind.

    I love you, so I’m telling you: don’t watch.

    Bury your head in Rex’s hair, instead.

  2. when i saw mark madoff’s wife on the view i thought of you the whole time. so many emotions going through my head and i’ve never even met you in person. i agree with the others that it’s probably best NOT to watch 60 minutes, but if you are anything like me, you’re gonna watch. of course, after you read the kids some bedtime books. 🙂 thinking of you, daphne!

    (and yes, bury your head in rex’s hair!!!)

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