It’s You Tube Tuesday!  I am doing these playlists for Momversation, but I wanted to highlight this one here because it’s particularly delish.

Shut the door for five and have a little me time with yourself and Mr. George Clooney.  Yes, George, I finally featured you on Cool Mom, just like you have been asking.

Do You Take Your Kids Grocery Shopping? (Ragu Sponsored)

Back with Sauce Talk!

When we shot this, I was struck by how kind, even and uncynical Christine is about her kids. When I watched the video, though, I just wanted to go put baffles in her dining room so the sound was better.

Look, most of the time going to the grocery store is a bore to me. Mostly because I do it ALL THE TIME. What’s with this eating thing around here? When they were tiny, a mashed banana and cheerios went a long way. Caroline Murphy is in the discussion as well.

So, if you have a choice… do you take the kids along for the ride?

Virtual Friends

So, I’ve been meaning to post this since BlogHer ’11. The vid got lost in the editing room and then from my frontal lobe.

When I went to BlogHer, I was finally able to meet my virtual best friend. Alexandra has been a frequent commenter to CoolMom, which that alone endears a person to me. But she also was very frank about financial troubles at a time when I was in my own. I appreciated this honesty. I started to look forward to her comments here also because I thought she had a great sense of humor. The only time I knew what she looked like was when she sent me a picture when she won the General Mills snack giveaway.

She has now gone from blogger fan to blogger. She has her own site and was at BlogHer to get an award for her witty writing.  So, I brought out my gear and we sat down at the San Diego Marriott and talked, minutes after meeting for the first time.

You tube playlist: getting kids to cook

Hey, here is a new job I have Curater of Content!    As part of Momversation I was asked to start putting together some of my favorite you tube vids.  This one is geared towards getting your kids to cook or be interested in some sort of food prep.  I picked some familiar faces, and some new ones. Can you tell I shot it when I was getting dressed in the morning?  Hey, that’s why they call it working from home!
chef cooking at home
By the way, this perfect photo was taken by the author of an upcoming book, “What chef’s feed their children.” Mark and Vivien will be on the cover. I love this pictures. Great of my loved ones, but check out the grated cheese falling. Beautiful. I will tell you when the book comes out, think it could be very helpful for trying create good eaters.

See if you find a favorite on the playlist!  To see it click HERE

Win a Trip to “O You!” (sponsored)

Ever watched Oprah and just wanted to walk into her show sit on Suze Orman’s lap as she redoes your finances and have Dr. Oz look into your ears?  Well, that’s not going to happen, but the next best thing.
you could win a trip to go to  O You! O, The Oprah Magazine’s Signature Event.
Look for the key under your seat!  I’m very excited to tell you that I have been chosen as the only blogger by Clorox to give away a trip to Atlanta to attend this SOLD OUT event.


All day Oprah’s faves..and OPRAH herself will be giving lectures on how to live your life to the fullest.  The tickets, if they were still for sale are $125. Clorox toilet wand is one of the sponsors of the event and is paying for one lucky Cool Mom viewer/reader to fly to Atlanta, putting them up in a hotel for the event October 15th.  I am going as well and will be doing some of my Cool Moming (yeah, it’s a verb) on the ground (Nate, oh Nate, it’s me, Daphne, we did a segment on Fashion Team once, oh Nate!) Here is a partial list of speakers:

Oprah Winfrey, founder and editorial director of O, The Oprah Magazine and CEO and chief creative officer of OWN
The top 20 things Oprah knows for sure

Gayle KingGayle King, Editor-at-Large, O, The Oprah Magazine and host of The Gayle King Show on OWN and Sirius/XM Radio

10 things Gayle knows to be true

Lisa LingLisa Ling, host of Our America with Lisa Ling on OWN

Go behind the scenes with Lisa

Suze OrmanSuze Orman, financial expert, O columnist, host of The Suze Orman Show and co-host of Ask Oprah’s All Stars on OWN

The six words Suze lives by

Nate BerkusNate Berkus, design expert and host of The Nate Berkus Show

We asked 9 questions. Nate answered

Dr OzDr. Oz, health expert, O columnist, host of The Dr. Oz Show and co-host of Ask Oprah’s All Stars on OWN
Dr. Oz gives strategies, advice and the quickest route to calm


Clorox, the makers of the ToiletWand, reached out to me to help promote this event. I will be attending the event, and my airfare and hotel is being taken care of.  Which means I also get to visit with my cousin Sue-Ellen, so that’s a plus.
So how can you join me – and that Winfrey lady–in Atlanta?

For an entry, comment on this post and let me know that you “Like” Ode to the Commode on Facebook: Also, answer if you will, who usually does the toilet scrubbing in your household?  ( no right or wrong answer)

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Yes, toilet cleaner, but let’s face it would we be living our life to the fullest without modern plumbing?  I know when we say what we are grateful at Thanksgiving I so frequently mention it at the top of my list my family makes fun of me. To which I say, the pilgrims wish they had a toilet.

Hey, a free trip with inspiring speakers and lots of like minded people, follow, like, write on the wall AND please write a comment that you did or “enter me” or any brief thing so I can keep track of you all.

One winner will randomly selected from all entries received by 3:00pm PT on Friday 10/7. Good luck!

Look forward to seeing one of you in Atlanta.

For official rules, click here.

Dressing a Toddler

Rex is two and a half now. So, natch, he is VERY sensitive. Sometimes when he gets upset or senses a personal injustice he curls up into a ball on the floor to try and hide from us. Sometimes he walks into the laundry room (I’m sure to get closer to our Kenmore washer and dryer) and shuts the door and wails. It’s not the painful wail. But the I have so many feelings and I can’t process them wail.

The silently injured Rex rips at my heart much more deeply. The noisy one I can ignore for awhile as I think “work it out dude, life is tough, can’t always get what you want.”  Rex removing himself quietly hits my buttons as I think to retreat and feel as if no can help is how I feel at my lowest ebb and I want to take him out of that.  Also, I know there is something about the male removing himself that gets me. A female making a bunch of noise, ah, that’s my MO, I can handle that.  But a guy shutting down is like reliving every relationship I’ve ever had.

Anyway, sometimes just getting dressed is cause for a toddler meltdown. We were in one and I was trying to get back on track the day we were shooting vids.  I said to Chung Ming, “Roll the camera, this is real life.”

I learned with Vivien, at three, you can’t fight it.