Vaccinating Your Kids

I’m very pro vaccinations. I get press releases from time to time about anti-vaccine issues. Delete. Sorry, not my bag. But it doesn’t mean I enjoy these doctor visits. For example, I know I need to have my fillings fixed, but I wish they would give me laughing gas for that … or maybe the Michael Jackson milk.

This vid is not a serious polemic. It more explores what goes on in my mind as my children are getting their shots. Of course, most of the time my kids have been stuck with needles it’s been vaccinations. But when Rex was 7-weeks-old he was in the hospital and that was deeply disturbing. I allow the medical professionals to do their job, but if they only knew what I was really thinking.

7 thoughts on “Vaccinating Your Kids

  1. I hear you. so hard for me to be the big person. When my son was a baby I had to leave the room. Toughened up for the older ones.

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