my late halloween post

Here is my update: Mark had hernia surgery- tough, but he is doing better.

Shot a bunch of Cool Mom vids yesterday.  Exhausting.  Will do one more shoot day before the end of the year. Not sure what my shoot sked will be like next year as I may need to get a new model for this “business”. More on that as it goes along.

It’s my mom’s bday!!  11-11-11  Very special day for a very special lady.

Good Halloween.  Here are some pics.
My mom is in the background here.
The black fedora and trench made Vivien a cold war era spy, so she since she has no idea what that is we also bought these spy glasses. Makes it more “Spy Kids”. The were also good for finding her when she and her friend were ahead of us in the dark with the crowds of kids. When she got tired of wearing them it became more challenging.

Our new home came with an odd lampost. It was built by the owner before the last. His son came by and told me his dad liked to go to flea markets and bring things home. That explains why the back of the address sign says “Whiskey Alley”. This lamp post use to be on an LA city street and was decommisioned. The man built a brick post around it. Which I have banged my car door and fender a few times. My friend Larry almost got a concussion when his head hit the address/whiskey alley part of this folk art. It became a ghost for the occasion.

Where I grew up a neighbor use to dress up as a witch and really do up her house. It was awesome. She always had a pot of vampire guts on her front door. Over cooked spaghetti noodles that in the dark when you are 6 really feel like vampire guts! We loved it. So, we got a black plastic cauldron and tried it here. Viv loved the idea. It felt like vampire guts to me! I think are front porch isn’t creepy enough to support it. I need to change the light next year and have creepy sound effects. I had Thriller, Monster Mash and Ghostbuster running on a loop. I left our babysitter to give out candy when we went out and she was about to lose her mind from the repitition by the end of the night.
Vivien wanted me to dress like her and Mark improvised a look at the last minute. The motorcycle jacket he is wearing he has had since he was 19. We were impressed he could still zip it up, though he said he was having difficulty breathing.
spy family

I thought we need some stolen secrets to sell our spy motif. But, props are quickly a burden when balancing candy, a small childs hand and a glass of red wine.

spy family

Just getting the kids dressed ( or not) was enough for my mom. She tries to escape here. But, the spy family held her for awhile.
 Rex refused to put on his cowboy costume at the 11th hour, but liked the candy part.
The spirit award goes to these guys who live near our friends. They make people dance for their candy and have a different them every year. Here they are the Cheerios from Glee. I want to be that creative and good at planning when I grow up. Mark strikes a pose with his fake tats.

I would show you a picture of the American Flag we put out this morning, but I wouldn’t get to it till Thanksgiving.

Have a great long weekend.

Vivien chose to be a Spy.  Love it.  There is my mom who came over for the start of the candy hunt.

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  1. You did a fabulous Halloween “trick or treat”. Everyone seems to be enjoying in the picture. I think your mom enjoyed of the surprises on her birthday.

    I admire the way you celebrated with the special day of your mom. She will be wishing to live for more years having a daughter like you.

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