Teaching Kids About the Farmers Market

Hey, I posted this vid via a blog post awhile back; it was connected to a deal with Hillshire Farms. I felt it was good enough to tweak and run here as a feature. (Sidebar: we do buy Hillshire Farms deli meats and love the reusable containers.) I am hopeful my kids get a sense of what REAL food looks like. The bumps, the imperfections, the sweetness and full flavor.

How do you get your kids to connect with plant life? Nature? Or do you?

3 thoughts on “Teaching Kids About the Farmers Market

  1. Umm.. is that what you wear to the farmers market?? Umm.. maybe I just don’t notice what everyone’s wearing when I head out to the farmers market at a silly hour on Sat morning. I think I’m still in PJs.. oh yes.. I did. I get my good stuff, bring it home and roll right back in bed.

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