Home for the Hernia

Ever had a relative you have to take care of after a surgery? First there is compassion, but if you are like me that can fade pretty fast. In general, I think my marriage works in part because my husband is a busy guy. Unless, of course, he is recuperating from his hernia surgery. (By the way, it was a few weeks ago and he is fine now).

Since many of us have had family come to stay this past week maybe we can all relate. (Mark is played by my camera man Rob, great job, dude!)

4 thoughts on “Home for the Hernia

  1. YEP!!
    My man doesn’t do well in bed. He’ll try and mow the lawn after he’s had surgery and extend his recovery time from 2 weeks to 6 months. Stubborn, doesn’t listen, hard headed annoying man. I swear. He won’t let me take care of him and then he wonders why he can’t catch a break with his back pain. Goober. Me. when I’m sick.. it’s curl up in bed and catch up on the DVR time. It’s glorious wonderful sleep to catch up on.

  2. I love you!
    I feel this way when my hub has a few days off in a row. At first, I’m like, “Yay! Another adult to help with the kid.” Then after a few hours, I realize how he is just messing with my schedule and having his very own ideas of how to do things around here. It’s better in theory only.
    You are hilarious.

  3. That is so friging hilarious. Daph, you are a genius! I think in our house – I’m the Mark character – especially the article sharing part. But I get to be annoying because I do everything – oh, wait except cook – and, yeah, now that I think about it – take care of my daughter, Ruby. Geez, I sound awful! 🙂

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