Moms with Scarves

From nobodies to somebodies they walk among us.

You know.


Moms with scarves.

Are you one of them?

Maybe that’s all a modern action hero can wear!

(Note: Help from the Cool Mom players: sister Carole, neighbor Laurie, producer Michelle. Look for my bewildered child in this vid, but please don’t call child protective services!)

17 thoughts on “Moms with Scarves

  1. Wow did you nail this one, I can’t stop laughing! as soon as the weather dips below 85 I wear a scarf almost every day of the week… i’ve got 3 drawers full. Even on my crappiest day in my rumpled sweats I somehow feel ‘pulled together’ with my mom scarf! 😉 Love it!!

  2. Ha ha! Daph, you made me laugh out loud yet again! I can’t wear scarves – they tickle my neck. Maybe that’s a good thing? My sister in law is the queen of scarves – she has a whole rack in her room devoted to them. I have to admit – she does always look put together…

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  4. well I am wearing scarves since forever.In Poland the weather is mostly rainy just like herein Seattle;)))) I am gonna buy MORE SCARVES!!! AND ….I am a mommy too now …of 2 cute wonders;))))I loved this clip!!!!! it made my day!!!

  5. That’s great. I think that Mom’s with scarves are a type of Ostrich. The bird thinks if they stick their head in the sand no one can see the rest of their body. Moms think that about scarves. The bigger my butt gets the bigger my scarf gets! Thanks for the laughs!

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