what is the right age to start kindergarten? (Momversation)

Those sassy momvers were at my house again! This time, Jessica Gottlieb and Rebecca Wolf and I are talking about the controversy surrounding the appropriate age to send your kids to Kindergarten. The trend has been to hold them back so they can be sports stars like Malcolm Gladwell wrote about in Outliers. Though, this article disputes that. Each state has different cut-offs. In California, public schools will take your heirs as long as they are 5-years-old by Decemeber 1st — which means a lot of lost looking little 4-year-old girls have wondered into a room with 4-year-old boys who can’t sit still. To be fair, my daughter is a Sept baby and I spent some time thinking about what was right and spoke to her pre-school teachers and family members before I did send her to kindergarten at 4 (for a couple of weeks).  California, like other states, has now changed the law. They are rolling it back a month till they get to a September 1st cut-off.  So, Vivien will be like the old timer when she tells her friends a tad her junior, “When I was 4, I was out of pre-school.  Sure, you got to paint. I had to rush to school with a mom screaming, ‘we can’t be tardy!'”

It didn’t come out in the vid, but Rebecca’s daughter’s birthday is October 2nd. This year the cut off will be October 1st. She was born early in the morning. So, she will be THREE HOURS from being sent to Kindergarten. Instead her family is going to have to spend 12 to 15 thousand dollars. That’s a bum rap.

The other thing the vid didn’t get to is many people wouldn’t send their 4-year-olds to kindergarten if pre-school was subsidized.

I appreciated Jessica’s take on the problems of holding kids back.

Where do you fall on this? What should the cut off age be? Though they couldn’t make it different by gender, I do think the boys struggle more at that young age.

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