Mom who smells like pee

Following hot on the heels of showing you all my gut I’m baring another embarassing aspect of motherhood. For Momversation I am talking about one of those “no one told me THIS was going to happen.”  The dirty parts of motherhood.  If you want the clinical talk about pee and mom’s you can find it here.  I’m about the experience.

Don’t hang me out to dry! C’mon, you know it has happened to you.

13 thoughts on “Mom who smells like pee

  1. Wow Daphne, you hold nothing back! Yes, I have that issue also. It just sneaks up on you. I have 3 children, 2 by c section and 1 vag birth. So I guess I was destined for leaking. Thank you for your honesty.

  2. Sorry! Feel I have to dispel that myth… I had a vaginal birth, 9 months ago and I have not once had a pee pee accident. On another note, Daph, your hair looks fab in this vid. ( I feel i can call you Daph…. you don’t know me from Adam but that’s what the internet does to me)

  3. Oh you can speak candid’y Beatrice ( your prize is still on it’s way) well, just wait. I did n’t have this problem until recently.
    congrats on the baby!

  4. Daphne,
    Raising hand over here! I’ve had 3 kids,and this ‘issue’ makes laughing,sneezing,running for the bus,jumping rope,etc not fun at ALL.

    It makes me feel 105 years old … big time

    Thanks for sharing – you’re awesome :-)

  5. Daphne, You are on the money! Isn’t it funny that no one wants to talk about it! This is the reason the panty liner / products aisle is a full run at the grocery store – and it ‘s the reason that I said enough is enough. Check out – sexy undies with a patented liner that does the trick. Say goodbye to panty liners!

  6. We got our kids a trampoline for Christmas, they were so excited! And so was I because its great exercise….and then…. yeah. I hate that trampoline.

  7. OH GOD! Daphne, despite my earlier comment, I have now realized that you are right, but mine is more like on some days, it’s kind of like a “dripping tap” situation, rather that being caused by laughing etc… not that that’s any better. OH LORD! I’m under 30 (ONLY JUST!) by the way, THIS IS JUST WRONG! Oh the shame.

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