babysitting call

Ring, ring.. I answer

” Hi, may I speak to Rex or Vivien?” I’m startled to hear someone ask for my kids.

“um, Vivien is at school and Rex is taking a nap, I’m their mother can I help you?”  Thinking this is when the telemarketers let’s out a little laugh and says, ‘oh, sorry, I wanted to see if you need your carpets clean’ or something like that.

But, there was no laugh, the woman was dead serious.

“I’m from XYZ baby sitting and I  need to speak to Vivien or Rex about babysitting services we did for them last weekend.” Now, my mind is racing with , they want user feedback?  OMG is there some scandal? Are they going to ask my kids “did Jenny Sue touch you in a private place?”

I fall back to the position I know is rightfully mine.

“Ok, they are 2 and 6, I’m their mother, can you tell me what you want to talk to them about ?”

Still, dead straight.  “One of the numbers on their credit card is off or I got the wrong number because I cant’ charge for the service.”

Does this woman really think a 2 and 6 year old have a credit card?

I keep waiting for her to do the , “ha ha silly me, I’m looking at the name of the kids needing care, not the parental name who paid for it, ha, ha”  But, it doesn’t come.

“That’s MY credit cared.  ( again) I’m their mother.”

“Can you read the number again?”  Did someone come and steal this woman’s humility, and sense of humor?  Don’t we all operate with that lever in our heads that catches when we mess up and go to smooth the mistake out.

I give her the number.

Still non plussed, “oh, I had a 3 instead of a 6”.

Now, I want to hear  the “silly me” ( like I would say and 99% of the population) so bad I’m taunting her.  “So we are good? Vivien doesn’t need to call you when she gets back from first grade?

Robot lady has the last word.  “No, we are fine that’s all I needed.”

6 thoughts on “babysitting call

  1. Are you sure you didn’t make that up?? That is unreal. Makes for a good laugh though. And its fun to imagine what Vivien and Rex might have said if just given the chance. Maybe you should ask them and then post it…well, as long as its funny…:-).

  2. Is that what happens when you spend your entire day with kids? Not even your own kids? They drain you of any kind of humor and etiquette, you loose the ability to socialize with the over 7’s OH LORD! I’m a stay at home mom!….MAYBE I’M ON MY WAY DOWN THAT ROAD!

  3. don’t think you should have given her your numbers…next time have them read to you the numbers they have….and then make the correction…..just to be on the safe side,,,

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