How to be a mom blogger : with Heather Spohr


I love me some Heather Spohr of Spohr’s are multiplying fame.  Aside from being a dear person who I have sought counsel from before, she is an established mom blogger.  She has been at this a long time and I wanted to ask her about something I had been struggling with in this being-creative-working-at-home thing. One of the most unexpected bonuses of entering this blog/vlog world has been the friendships I have made with other woman.  Often first knowing them online before knowing them in the flesh.

We met mid day between our two homes on a lovely sunny day.  Our studio for this shoot was my Lexis hybrid.  I had forgotten the clamp so I couldn’t use my camera light–ugh.. so my crows feet will be readily featured. It would have been very dark had Heather not said, “open up the sun roof”.  Smart!  Not Oprah lighting, but this is guerilla vlogging.

Where else can two mom’s talk without being interrupted but a car anyway?  Well, unless I got side by side toilets and lock on the door!

2 thoughts on “How to be a mom blogger : with Heather Spohr

  1. Oh my gosh it is the WORST when they want to get all snuggly right in the middle of an important email or article!…The worst in the best possible way of course, because I’m so glad my kids love that kind of attention from me. Just wish their timing could be a little better is all.

    I’m like both of you though, can NOT resist a call for snuggle time. They’re usually only asking for a few minutes of undivided attention and after all…that’s why I stayed home in the first place! 🙂 Happy to oblige.

  2. As mom bloggers, you certainly do learn to make do with what you have to get the job done. I agree that snuggle time is irresistible – kids don’t have timing, they just want attention when they feel it – the real benefit of being able to work at home 🙂 Snuggling actually helps me get more creative in the long run because I feel better.

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