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One more week to the Oscar’s, but this past weekend was the A.C.E. awards, the Editors associations awards known as the Eddy’s. My brother in law Kevin Tent has been nominated before, but the first year he is also nominated for an Oscar.  It was a big gala at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Yes, I did see the Whitney Houston shrine outside. Before the award show my sister Carole and family went to a rooftop party where Kevin snapped this stunning picture of her.  Who says you have to be 20 to be a knockout?
Fwd: pic by LT
The Brogdon Tents walked the marble carpet.
Fwd: marble carpet
The Bev Hilton has a big room where a lot of the award shows are done and my prom was there.

Kevin got my mom and I  and his sister Lauren tickets.  Carole, Kev and my nephew Charlie were sitting up front with people from Fox Searchlight.  We were farther back, but staked out seats with good views of the show.  It was an enjoyable award show. Most are dreadful. But, this moved along and Patton Oswald was a hilarious host.
“I haven’t seen this many cutters in the room since the Teen choice awards.”

Clint Eastwood handed out an award. He was charming and funny and you know, he was Clint Eastwood! Kevin and Reese Witherspoon , looking thin and sophisticated in a black suit presented a special award to Alexander Payne ( who lavished praise on KT).

“The Artist” has such a buzz behind it I wasn’t thinking of Kevin winning, but about 30 minutes into the show I suddenly thought, “Kevin is going to win”. My wise nephew (14) said, “I knew he was going to win when I saw “The Artist” was in a different category.” Savvy Hollywood kid.
Fwd: love
By the way, most banquet food is pretty banal, but the Bev Hilton did a darn good job with the food.  Serving 1,500 people is no small thing at that level of quality.

The Eddy’s divide best editing in dramatic and comedy/musical.  “The Artist” was in the latter.  They won that.  “The Descendant’s” was in the drama category.  Before the show got going I ran down from the “bleachers” and visited with Carole. She was sitting next to two of the actors from the film. Judy Greer, who I think is rubbing embryonic cells on her face as she has the best skin.  She said she loves going to The Tar Pit, which made me like her even more.  Matthew Lillard, who plays her spouse was there.  Very nice guy.  I told him he is one of the those guys who gets cuter as he gets older.  I followed that up with , “I have to flirt, my mom is my date tonight and I don’t think she is going to put out.”

Okay, so after the baked Alaska the show was humming along.  The VERY last award given out was for best edited film dramatic.  I was sitting in between Lauren and my mom.  I had butterflies in my tummy. I grabbed their hands as that hunk from “Friday Night Lights” said, “and the Eddy goes to Kevin Tent!”

We jumped up, screamed, I said to Lauren, “aren’t you glad you came? ( from Buffalo)”  It is VERY nice to hear the voice called you want to hear.
Unlike when I was nominated for a Northern Cal. Emmy and lost to the now defunct Tech TV.  Yes, I’m bitter.
Kevin got up and thanked his wife of 25 years Carole Brogdon first.  Then his son Charlie, “who our life revolves around.”  He did great.  He said he was nervous and doesn’t remember what he said, but he was gracious and dear.

You can see we are pretty happy.

I am so glad I still have some nice duds from when I had money.  I was wearing a Prada dress my BGF Michael told me to buy years ago ( thank you) when it went on sale.  I had patent leather burgundy Manolo’s that Mark gave me as a push present when Vivien was born.  I had on underneath a bustier which was more valuable than spanx.
My dogs were barking as I limped to the valet, but it was a great night.

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  1. Finally got the chance to see “The Descendents” last night and I was blown away by it. Honest, intense, and funny too. I liked “The Artist” but “The Descendents” is the kind of movie that really stays with you and is ,to my way of thinking, the more difficult movie to pull off. I’ll be rooting for the movie and especially for Kevin on Oscar night!

  2. oh thank you. Yes, I liked the artist, especially that hot french dude. But I agree. Afterward I wanted to know more about the family. Like to read the book. Glad you saw Descendants.

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