Current Events I Missed

Since my site has been “off” for a while I have missed commenting on the news. Posts I could have done,
” If a mom talked like Rick Santorum” had a sweater vest all ready
“If a mom looked like Newt Gingrich…she’d be featured in an ad for a lap band”
“I wish that lady who put her kid on a diet would come and live with me, I could lose a few.”
See, so much! But, let me briefly comment on the Trayvon Martin situation. Or more specifically the Hoodie.
I love my hoodies. My son loves his hoodie.
I hope my son is safe.

As I was on my morning walk today I felt that by putting up my black hoodie I was now making a political statement. Personally the only person in a hoodie whoever scared me was this guy:


Coolio’s just topical videos

Okay, I made it harder this year, sorry, but let’s streamline the process.  I have cut out two of the nominees because they have gotten no votes and or lower views.  So, Here watch the remaining choices for BEST TOPICAL COOL MOM VIDEO OF 2011. The in the COMMENT section say which one you like.  On Thursday I will do the same for the Overal Funny Category.  Okay.  So now, click play.

Thank you

Great recession food humor

Now, I’m getting my groove back humor wise.  .  The great gift of comedy is lifting your head up out of the gutter of your dark thoughts. Or to put it another way, get over yourself.

Here is a good stab at some recession vocabulary from another site.  My favorite is DUPPIE, depressed urban professional.

Today I’m thinking of combining my interest in comedy with my husband’s, and by extension myself, interest in food. How about recession food?

Foreclosure Chile– eat it fast before it’s taken away from you.

Short Sale Short Stack — you sell your pancakes to the person next to you.

Toxic Asset Meatloaf –this will turn you into a vegan

Pork ala Ponzi — you eat this in a room that you have to be invited into.  The sauce is Mad-off of other people’s food and you must first give your own food, before you get a serving.

Double Dip ice cream — coated in chocolate and regret.

Glass-Steagall of red wine — it will numb the pain for a minute as think about how this was Clinton’s greatest failure, not all that seamen nonsense.

Sub Prime meat — what public school kids are served at lunch.

European Contagion Cheese — runny and smells, but paired with a dried apricot on a smal wheat round goes down nicely.
lil’ Fannie Mae Cookies — do you have the income to cover this? Maybe you should rent a cookie instead.

Crudite default Swap — by the time the carrot gets to your mouth it won’t be worth much.

does the recession challenge your sense of humor?

My whole goal in starting coolmom, back in 2007, was to make parents laugh, give a little community.  I still want to do that.

But, today I often do at 2am…. What a butt kicking few years it’s been! I don’t have a ton going for me, but what I do excel at is working a room and finding the humor in a moment.  But, this ongoing drag of the economy is challenging my funny bone.

Is this just me?  Do you feel like this?  I know it’s also because so far 2012 is shaping up to be the most CHALLENGING year yet so far for me work wise.  That is saying something when you can point to a year (2008) you lost MILLIONS ( course ends up it was already gone, we just didn’t know it. Ha, jokes on us.).

The lack of funny of a great recession and two slaughter wars struck me when I got one of a dozen pitches I get a day to promote products.  ( Um, have you seen my site?) It was for some jewlery that had cute sayings.  Things about going drinking with the gals or pretending your a celeb.  It struck me as tone deaf for the times.  Like when that movie “Shopaholic” came out.

Here are my ideas for things to be written on t-shirts, necklaces and rings.

“It must be somebody’s fault” ( I have this cover from W up on my wall.  It came out right after Madoff and I love it so much)

” There must be a pony” ( lifted from james Kirkwood’s bio of the same name meaning.. “because there is so much crap)

I want my money back”

” Well, back when I had money…”

” I miss the ’90’s”

“I was use to the assaults on abortion, but now birth control?  Get a grip fat men.”

That might be too much for a cocktail ring, maybe a shirt.

“Whiskey is the new wine.”

” my vacuum is broken, that’s cool I have a lint brush”

“99 cent store is the new Costco”

I miss Serzone”

“are you going to finish that?”

I get wanting to infuse humor and lightness in the mix, but it can’t sound like it goes with a Cosmo and a tech boom.  Much as I loved those years they are GONE.

So, reviewing this I guess I still have a sense of humor it’s just darker.

Can’t stop this kid from dancing


Rex has suddenly become very attuned to music.  I don’t know when it will strike, but 3 times in the last couple of days he hears a tune and stops everything else, eating, playing and goes into a very dramatic dance.  This video I shot the first time it happened.  We were at Mas Malo in downtown LA. Which by the way, is a cool place. The did a great job of keeping the interior of the 1920’s building.  It had been jewlery store, then Clifton’s Cafeteria, and now a mexican restaurant.  They also have a kid’s menu which gets big points from me.

Anyway, Rex was enjoying their chips ( which are very good) when he suddenly jumped up to this alt. rock tune and went into his own little rave.  Does this mean my son will become a dancer?  A musician? The crazy guy without his shirt on at a Phish concert?  Who knows.  But, I love seeing this development.

The Coolios 2011! The Cool Mom Awards

Did you think awards season was over? Oh, no.  Enough with the Oscars and those other amateurs.  Now it’s time to judge the best of a tiny web series made in a women’s house!!

It’s time for the 2nd annual Cool Mom Awards.  Now, this is will require you do a little work, but it will be fun!  I need you to look at three playlist. They will go quickly and since this is the best of the best of Cool Mom I think you will enjoy it. Perhaps you missed some over the last year. Now, is your chance to catch up on the best of Cool Mom.  The nominees were based on  very scientific subjective criteria.

1) video views

2) comments

3) what still made me and my producer Michelle laugh.

Okay, watch this vid and then click on the playlists and VOTE.  Please leave your votes here.

We are all stars!!
( about 14 min)

Best Videos with Mark ( about 3 min)

(running time about 9 min)

I’m hoping for a star studded award show when the winner’s are announced!!!

Please vote for your faves in the three categories.  Enjoy watching the best of Coolmom’11.  I know I did!


One perfect Egg

I have finally perfected my husband’s wonderful olive oil fried egg.  Obviously, others have made this, but it was new to me when Mark first made it for me years ago.

Now, it’s great with a little romesco sauce on top of it.  It’s nice on top of a crispy corn tortilla with a slice of jalepeno jack cheese. But, all that is beside the point if you don’t get the egg right.

What you will need to make this:

One medium to large egg

olive oil- about 1/8 to 1/4 of a cup depending upon the size of your pan.

kosher salt

Ideally, an iron skillet

I much prefer cooking with these.  I feel like I have more control over the temperature.

Make a shallow pool of olive oil. The egg should “swim”, but not be submerged by the oil. You might think, this is too much, it’s not.  Put the flame on low.  Don’t crank it or it will smoke.  Let the oil heat up.  If you put the egg in too soon it won’t work.

Drop the egg in. Hear the crackly of egg to hot oil.  Have a large spoon handy that you can bast over the yellow part of the egg.  This will create a thin white top on it.

Don’t cook through, the egg will be running when you eat it.  The edges of the egg are crispy and brown.  Remove from pan ( takes 2 to 3 minutes to cook).

Sprinkle with kosher salt, eat asap.


Need a nap

Is Rex starting to be a non napping 3 year old?  Or do I just need to coax him more towards slumber? In this self shot piece I think we can asses that his seeming “drunk” swagger means he needs to nap.  But, when his sister is home it’s pretty hard to get him there.  I also know he needs to nap because I was fading!

Yes, I need the nap.  But, did he?

note: I used a different camera and player for this so it’s a little small.  You need to jumbo it out for a better image.

30 minutes after I shot this he passed out on the La-z-boy.

I still didn’t nap.