Hop on mom

Do I stay up at night watching my own videos?  Yes, yes sometimes I do.  Usually to see my kids and marvel at how little they once where.  Look at Rex with his little blonde curls!  In this video I showed how some days I was hi pony mom.


While tough on the knees, it wasn’t so bad.  He was pretty tiny so his weight was easy.  Then he would scamper off of me, give me a carrot and go watch Calliou But, lately his fiscal demands have gotten more intense . No matter where I am, I may be pounced upon any time.  The word “No” doesn’t carry much weight.  My daughter never head butted my pubic bone, but T- Rex ( the T is for Tiger) is different.

Should I carry mace?

One thought on “Hop on mom

  1. i feel your pain on this one! my nearly 3yo is constantly trying to climb me like a jungle gym… and mostly succeeds.

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