Not so shabby cute vintage like clothes

One consequence of my site remodel is that I am behind on some posts.  My reviews have been stacking up, which is saying something, because I don’t think of this as a review site.

Nonetheless, sometimes something crosses my desk that jumps out at me as “oh, that is me!”  Shabby Apple was one of those things.   They they feminine clothing online.  I wanted to try them out partly cause I love that name.  I had never heard of them till they contacted me, but go to the site and you will see lots of cool vintage inspired women’s clothing. I love vintage, but my body is not vintage and they can smell and have sweat stains.  Sometimes better to get a new reworking on vintage. Shabby Apple’s clothes are not cookie cutter. If you like “Mad Men” style, this is for you. They asked me to pick an outfit and say what I thought of it.

Their clothes are divided into themes.  I picked from the “Mad Hatter” collection.  I chose separates.  This navy skirt with little fabric circles that dangle off of it. And this cream coloured  lattice top.  I picked them because

a) they were different, yet classic

b) I had been wanting more narrow skirts

c) I thought they would suit my body

Ordering on their site is easy.  They have a little quiz to help you shop your body type no surprise I am an apple. 



When I opened the plastic pouches they arrived I was surprised at the quality of the clothes.  Seriously.  So often things look good in the pictures, and then disappoint.  But these felt sturdy, not junior department feel at all.   They looked like the picture in  person, I however don’t look like this model. I still thought it was a pretty smart outfit.  My daughter liked it and my friend who was over at the time asked me if I would be wearing it to a wedding this summer.  Yes, I suppose I could.that first picture I took I look so serious, I decided I needed to catalogue it up!

Fit?  The skirt is high waisted with a side zipper.  At first I was worried that I would never get  the zipper shut over my hips and gut.  But, I did and once done it was totally comfortable. Not in a “now I will go jogging” way, but in a “I could go eat dinner in this” way, which is what you would wear a skirt like this to anyhow.  I think it would look great at a wedding.


I loved the structure of the top.  I got “8”‘s in both, but with my breasts I think I should have gotten a “10” in the top.  It fit well, but smashed the girls down a bit.  As much as I hate to get a “10′ I think I will need to exchange it for one.  For the girls’ sake.

The clothes had really nice details.  

The skirt would be fun to dance in because the fabric discs move. 

I also tried on the skirt with a tank and sweater, because I wanted I thought it would work well as a day to night item.  

I was alone at this point and couldn’t figure out my timer.

Shabby Apple also has Maternity dresses.

Check out the site for some nice women’s dresses and if you like their FB page they have promotions posted there.  and if you do like something as a Cool Mom reader you can get 10% off. ( “coolmom10off”at check out)

Not shabby!

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