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This picture sums it up. What sells where. What they can get away with where.

I’m less concerned about my kids seeing this picture in the grocery store than the “look whose fat and has cellulite” tabloid crap by the chewing gum.  Those are body disorder makers. Also, this seems like another tool to get woman to gang up on each other.  Whether a woman breast feeds or not or for how long is no ones business.

I loved breastfeeding both of my kids.  My daughter about 2.2 years when we stopped.  My son was about 2. 5 years.

I do think that when a kid gets bigger it’s best to breast feeding private because everyone freaks out.  But, when my kids were little I always whipped at my breast as needed like a Russian peasant.  That is what they are there for.

Also, I disagree with the idea from Time that “Dr. Sears remade motherhood.”  But, if you have a big enough bed why not?  Rex sleeps with us almost every night.  I love it.  I have a teenage stepson so I know the time will come when he doesn’t want to eat dinner with us, let alone cuddle.

Besides, I’m married, it’s not like we have sex…much.

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8 thoughts on “The Time Breast feeding cover

  1. You are a breath of fresh air! Boy, I love reading everything you write. I am a mommy of a 2 year old and a 10 month old and your takes on life help keep me sane. : )

  2. I can’t stand they way people feel they have the right to criticize a woman’s choice to breast feed, how she does it, where she does it, how long she does it. I had trouble with feeding, and battled with it for quite a while, in the end I turned to the bottle which worked out much better for my son and for me. People would not get off my back about it, i wasn’t trying hard enough, I was pumping my child with chemicals… etc.. There’s something that happens, the moment you get pregnant, your body, your choices become public property.

    • yes everyone has an opinion. There are chemicals in breast milk as well due to our toxic world. Yeah, sometimes nursing doesn’t work out and some do it till the kid is 5.

  3. You are so right! That is what breasts are there for. Good of you to remind us
    and the other Time covers are interesting too,

  4. my little one is 3yo next month and she’s still nursing (mostly just for g’nites). i never imagined i would nurse this long. my goal was 1 year, mostly because i did not want to have to pay for formula like we had to do for our older daughter (who was a preemie). and then it just kept going… she was 18mos, and then 2, then 2.5 and now 3 is upon us and i don’t see her quitting anytime soon. i should probably put the ixnay on it, but i’m lazy. i like having a (nearly) guaranteed nigh-night trick!

    i with you, women should stop being cranky pants about other women’s choices.

  5. I nursed our boys till they were exactly 3. Then they moved on. IN south america, babies are nursed until just under 4.

    It’s natural. Breasts are for nursing. They don’t go crazy for them like they do here in the US. Like they’re something dirty and forbidden.

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