Banana and child

This is a great collaboration. I was trolling Fiverr ( the site where people post what they will do for five dollars) Jessica Gottlieb had told me about it and I was looking for something practical like getting a video captioned when suddenly my eyes fell on one posting, ” I will make a 50 word movie for you in Bananish”.

So my food group.

I quickly penned a short rendering of what it’s like between me and Rex when he has a poopy diaper. It takes more than 50 words to get Rex to change his diaper sometime, so I shortened it. I couldn’t even stop to count the words I was so excited to have my own custom made banana movie. The artist who did the film is called “neatpuff”. Just in case you too would like your own custom banana film.
My question is: who wouldn’t?

6 thoughts on “Banana and child

  1. SOOOO great seeing you the other day… and your site is *fantastic*.
    And thanks alot! Now i desperately want a banana video. 😛

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