Look at me ma! No wires. (sponsored)

I’ve been waiting for TIVO for radio. I need the rewind button when I space out listening to NPR  (something about the middle east, what was that?).  Plus, I missed my shows and wish I could listen to my favorite political radio show while I make dinner.  Well, now I can.  Sonos sent me their Wireless Hi Fi system to review and I  now have one of their speaker (they call it Play:3 $299.00, Bridge is $49.99)) in my kitchen so I can listen to shows on the internet while I cut my carrots.  Oh, but that’s only one of the uses.  See I did think this would be a gift..

I remember it as if it were yesterday…. ( cue dream sequence)

Target has an in-store promotion for the free wireless bridge with purchase of a Play:3 or Play:5 happening from May 27-June 9 


( I have been paid to write to a review of this, but I really did like it)



2 thoughts on “Look at me ma! No wires. (sponsored)

  1. I think I would like it also.
    I saw a huge add for this in some publication, W, I think it was.
    It looked elegant and useful.

  2. Got my wife the Play 3 from Target at Xmas (they had the free Bridge deal then, too online). We love it! Great sound, easy enough to set up, control from iPad/iPhone or computer. I totally agree that this is a great thing to have around the house. (I do wish they were an eeensy bit more affordable).

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