My son wants nothing to do with me

It’s painful when your son rejects you.  I mean me, rejects ME.  But, one day after I had gone out for exercise and errand running I came back home expecting to send our beloved baby sitter Dolly packing ( you can hear her Bolivian accent early on) and spend quality time with my son.

It didn’t go down like that.  She stayed longer as he WANTED NOTHING TO DO WITH ME.  Months have gone by since we shot this.  I have felt very loved by son most of the time.  But, this morning he screamed for Dolly again.  I called her and as she was headed to another gig nearby she dropped by for a few minutes.  I’m glad I found someone who he likes so much.


Really, I am.

Have your ever been rejected by your kids?

6 thoughts on “My son wants nothing to do with me

  1. I so vividly remember when Ava once cried for my nanny at the time, Carmen, as Carmen tried to leave. I tried so hard to act like it was nothing but inside I was dying a slow little death. I promptly shortened Carmen’s hours. 🙂

  2. Well, I had a friend who left her toddler son
    for a week, when she and her husband returned
    the little boy wouldn’t look at them.

  3. Hi Daphne,

    My 4 year old son usually has temper fits and would want nothing to do with me.
    I’ve even tried to distract him with other things to do: like playing with toys or showing him how something works.
    He still has his favorite (his grandpa).
    It took a leap of faith not to take it personally. Creating distractions have helped him then he is very sweet. I found the same thing to be true with my hubby. He would get very upset over something, then I would direct the subject to something more positive and productive.
    Men are just weird. They get all wrapped up in something, then if you show them something shinny and new, they get sweet.

  4. Ha! I love when you tell him, “I pay her to be here! I’m here with no pay!” Hahaha. It’s just a stage, but it definitely hurts your heart a bit, doesn’t it? 🙁

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