Angry airline people

Woah, Nelly!   I just got one the nastiest comments ever.  Oddly it was written in regards to a post I did in 2008 about people being pissy about kids on planes.

here is the comment:



Y’all need to shut your little shit babies up. They’re not adorable, they’re annoying. You’re not any better than anyone else for breeding. Have respect for the people around you or get an abortion.

My guess is “Jiz” is a nom de plume.  Probably closer to what this person should have been spending his or her time doing at 12:46 am instead of drunk googling.    Obviously here is a person who knows a lot about “respect for people”.

Some days it’s hard to know who is the target of more anger: moms, sexy women or teachers.

Oh that’s right the hatred is for kids.  Watch out people, the intolerance for people at different stages of their lives is only going to grow.  I hope grandma isn’t thrown off a plane next.

Are people getting more cranky?


4 thoughts on “Angry airline people

  1. Wow – that is really horrible. The good news is that I was inspired to watch your video from 2008! My husband had jury duty today and he asked 3 people to stop talking on their cell phones in the waiting room. I was cringing for him a bit when he told me (he said he was not feeling too popular). Apparently, one woman pushed back and then he said “well, does that mean that I can play music or sing a song? I’m just wondering where you draw the line?” and then she got off. He is bold, and I know I would have been grateful if I had been sitting there. 🙂 I think it’s ok to have a quick info exchange on your cell phone in tight public places, public trans, etc. but no conversations. That always bugs me quite a bit. By the way, I’m not saying that a kid is like someone talking on their cell phone. You gotta be compassionate when a kid’a crying – come on! I more see the guy on the plane as the irritant, and I liked your come back about a private jet. That is one to keep in my back pocket! Satisfying and entertaining for those around you! 🙂

  2. Can’t believe that comment, he should be sent to vivisectionist, what a danger to society he is. I don’t quite understand people getting aggressive towards kids on flights. We all know how uncomfortable, and damn irritating the whole experience is especially nowadays, can’t we just make it less of a rotten experience and get along? Love the video, I really feel your wrath!

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