lay off the working moms

Enough!  I read about two lines of this story about the new CEO at Yahoo  in the Sunday NY Times before I dropped it back to the breakfast table.  I was irked for myself for thinking, yeah, how is she going to have that baby and have such a high powered job?

MEN HAVE DONE IT FOR YEARS. Does anyone ask if Rupert Murdoch was “there” for his kids?  Bill Gates? Idi Amin? No.

When Rex was born I did not have a high powered exec job, I was hosting a basic cable show about fashion.  But, if I didn’t show up I didn’t get paid.  So, when he was 9 days old I went to work.


After a C section, I couldn’t drive.  My co host Lawrence Zarian drove me and my sister Carole picked me up.  I was exhausted, but I did it.

Enough with the “having it all” line.  What does that mean? Define your terms?  Marriage, baby and work?  Yes, many can have that all.  But, does that mean you aren’t tired, stressed, annoyed with your kids and husband because you are stretched thin? No, sure doesn’t.

Good for Marissa Mayer taking her big time job and popping a kid out.  She will have hired help and maybe her husband is helpful  ( my husband just forgot to pick up our son at school) and she will have to juggle like the rest of us who don’t make millions.

Please one story about “how can a man go back to work right after the birth of a child?”  How does dad balance “having it all”.


6 thoughts on “lay off the working moms

  1. YES!!! Thank you for saying that. It’s so annoying to read the hashing of this topic YET AGAIN, and your point is well taken. Why do we question mothers so dang much, always looking for the flaws? Well, if you’re looking, you’re going to find them. Stop looking, various media outlets, we’re all trying to do our best. Thanks, Daphne!

  2. Right on sista. 10 years into parenting, having worked in some capacity through all of it and my question is still the same as it was in 2002…why does anyone care what other women do? Or men for that matter? Why is it anyone’s business but that family’s on how they will parent their kids, who will pick them up at practice, how much each parent will be home? It depresses me to no end that the media covers this AND that so many self righous opinionated people on every end of the spectrum insist on saying my way is best!?

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