Stunt Mom

A few months back the lovely Shannon Colleary included my Muffinlicious video in a post she wrote about body image.  The post was picked up by Huffington Post and my Muffin top was seen by more more people than any of my body parts to this point in time. Including parts exposed while drunk in my ’20’s.

I reached out to Miss Shannon and happily did lunch with her.  She is my food group.  We talked about doing a video together. She is a sport.  She showed up at my house and when I sprang the idea I had on her she committed like a Broadway thespian.  I had the premise, the improv lines are all her.

So, what if there was a product that made your life much easier.  This is what it might look like.

13 thoughts on “Stunt Mom

  1. Stunt mom would TOTALLY prevent my occasional outbursts of rage at my husband. I think it would benefit any marriage.

  2. I think we should have a stunt Mom co-op. I will take on a someone elses’ sh1t work that I am not emotionally invested in, tell off her PTO Nazi, etc. (that would be fun!), if she will take on my nasty jobs (like cleaning out the travel soccer storage shed on the HOTTEST. DAY.OF. SUMMER.)! Now I just need to find the right victim…I mean candidate…to join my co-op.

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