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Even though “Stunt Mom” got me out of volunteering in the video in real life I have said “yes” to leading a group of suckers new parents to weed and trim our pathetic  approachable school landscaping.

I was an RA in school ( actually we were CA’s become we were a “community’, but same diff)  and last year a school parent.  I’m kind of an enforcer at heart.  But, I also like to buck the system.  I was recruiting and training a mom to be a room parent this year,  “you can’t worry if people like you. Who cares, you have a job to do.”  Really true in life in general.

So, asked me to write a rebuttal to a lady who was complaining about mother’s who asked her to be more active in the school. She didn’t want to be.  She called people like me “PTA moms”. Not accurate.  It’s like calling a stranger who jumps your dead battery the Automobil Club, but I think she uses it as a catch all for involved parents.  Those pain in the asses.

Those know it alls.

Those ME.  So click here to see the essay I wrote.  Let me know what you think.

One thought on “The parent volunteer debate

  1. I think if one wants to volunteer at school they will. (I did for years). Feeling pressured/guilted into it does little in my opinion.

    What I appreciated about my children’s school was that in September and again in January a list was posted for various volunteer duties, large and small. Parents given the choice to volunteer for things that they wanted to do with what time they wanted to volunteer. Be it going in once/twice/whatever a week to have children practice reading to them, helping in the library, assisting the teacher in group work, helping paint sets for a school production, sorting/delivering tinned food after a food drive for charity, baking for bake sales, or what have you.

    I know it kept me involved without having to attend PAC meetings where the few parents that attended were roped/guilted into doing things they really did not want to do. (Been there and done that.)

    I can understand where the mother who resented “PTA Parents” was coming from. Attending the meetings was painful listening to certain parents whinge and complain about how much they did for the school and felt unrewarded. I am sure they DID do much for the school but their attitude sucked.

    Give parents the opportunity to help without attending meetings. Give them choices of what they can do and more success may be found securing volunteer hours.

    Just my two cents.

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