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The first day went great.  She loves her teacher.  It was nice to see some parent friends, but I couldn’t settle.  One single mom friend asked “will you be my wing man to find me a husband?”  Normally, I’d be all over that strategy, but I was looking for new cubbies.  “I’m focused on back to school.” In my head I sounded like Arnold in the Terminator  “where is Sarah Connor?”  Then also conincides with the total absences of Dolly.  Dolly is our main baby sitter and does a total wash/scrub/clean of my house every week.  She is with me some nights, but because my husband is gone- always– and I can’t be left alone with these kids. Although I do love going to Campanile for some wine and food and talking to adults.  ANYONE who walks by.  I wanted to be a mom, not a prisoner.  She is gone for a few weeks on a trip.  I have no glass to break in case of emergency.

Oliver has JUST left for college and I find I’m quite sad at his absence.  A little flavor of empty nester while I still have a little kid who vomits in my face.  With second grade comes almost nightly homework.  …ugh, that’s another post.

How is the school season for you?  How long till you get in your groove?  Does it ever kick in? And would you have washed the dress?

8 thoughts on “back to school brain

  1. CanNOT believe the little man is in school.

    Ah, daytime naps.

    So sad to see the little guy going….

    I can’t even imagine how I will feel when my Alec leaves for college next year.

  2. Totally unrelated, babies too young for school yet…. Daphne, you look AMAZING! Dare I ask? Botox? Seriously, you look 30 tops in this vid. TELL ME YOUR SECRET!

    • a little in that crease that furrows the brow. but I think being outside a lot this summer put a little glow on me and getting my hair flat ironed. thanks

  3. i second beatrice, you look amazing… in a cool, relaxed, not-trying-at-all way.

    also, one should *always* wash the dress!

    looking forward to your commentary (rant?) on 2nd grade homework.

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