…and then he got sad

This is us when we first walked into Rex’s pre school.  He did two days last year, and three this summer.  He liked it. But, this is the first day he starts going 5 days a week and till 2:30 so he will be napping.  However, one of his teachers is new and he misses the old one and his BEST friend moved to a different school.

Rex’s head was low as the place with lousy with parents all setting their kids up for the new year.  The tone in their voice was the “it’s going to be great!” variety.  I was doing it too.  But, then I remembered I needed to honor his feelings even if things would improve.   I got down with him.  “What are you feeling right now Rex?”  He said he missed his old teacher and in a whispered voice said he missed his friend.

“I understand that.  I miss them too.  But, I want you to know we will see your friend (because thank god I like his mom).  You will do hip hop class with him every week.”

Rex said.  “I don’t want to lose him, mommy”  My heart crushed.

“I Promise we won’t lose him.  We will see him.”

More reassurance about his day, though inwardly I was so pissed that the sleeping mat and blanket I had ordered hadn’t arrived yet.  Don’t they know my 3 year old and I need some stability here?  He made Mark and I promise to pick up together.  Agreed.

His new teacher kindly got down to his level and was being soothing.  I really appreciated it, I turned to Mark, “let’s go.”  I was starting to cry.

As I walked away I said, “why do I have to leave my little guy for so long, for so many days?’

Mark said, “we could pick him up early.”

My sniffles stopped.  Um, I was looking forward to going to yoga, losing weight, getting my nails done, de crusting our floors.  Maybe make more money, yeah that would be nice.

I turned to Mark, “well, let’s not go crazy.”


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