Campanile is closing

I’m still so upset, I can’t even write about it now, so I’m going to link to this to explain and try to find the words when I can.   50 people are going to lose their jobs.  Including Garrison, the most requested waiter.  Here he is recently holding Rex 

Click Campanile is closing

9 thoughts on “Campanile is closing

  1. We all love Garrison! So sorry this is happening but we believe in you all. The universe is forcing it’s hand so that something bigger/better can happen. Much love.

  2. Heartbroken. That’s what I am. Campanile was more that just a great restaurant…it was a Los Angeles landmark that many, many people loved myself included. While I know though there are better times ahead for Mark and his wonderful staff this is still very sad news. Campanile: you will be missed!

  3. So sad to here of the closing. Even though we don’t get down there much we have so many memories of celebrations there and then of course your wonderful, generous hosting of the Los Angeles Women’s Foundation for so many years. Many thanks.

  4. Daphne and Mark: oh, this hit my heart hard.

    At least I have your beautiful, beautiful Campanile cookbook.

    So very sorry, Daphne: I know something BIG will come up because … how can it not with Mark’s charm and grace??

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