Campanile is closing: Roller coaster

I have felt like a jet pilot having to keep focus on the task at hand as missles are coming at me.  Steady.  I had to get some work that was on deadline as my sister Carole called, “Is it true?”  She said with pain in her voice.

“yes, it is”.  I had to hang up.

Word was leaked to the press that my husband’s famed restaurant is closing.  ( Just today a wonderful look at Campanile by Jonathan Gold and it’s impact was published in the LA Times)  It didn’t come out of the blue as he has been unable to secure a lease in years.

My stepson called from college that he heard about it from a text from a friend who had read about it.

Mark and his former wife Nancy Silverton started Campanile and La Brea Bakery more than 23 years ago.  They were a smash hit.  They had met at Spago and brought their collective talent to this project (after their divorce he bought her out and she went on to do other successful restaurants).   La Bakery was sold in 2001. They also must leave the space.

I feel like I have been on a roller coaster of feelings.  I’m trying to enjoy the place while it is here and express appreciation to the people who make it work.  But, one day soon when I drive by it’s shuttered doors it’s going to be like looking at a corpse.

5 thoughts on “Campanile is closing: Roller coaster

  1. You are the coolest mom, you will make it through this and you will
    have greater success than ever before. And that means both of you
    and the kids too.
    ( And don’t go by there)

  2. I can’t imagine. SInce I’ve known you, Campanile has been part of your existence.

    I am so sorry, but I know how you and Mark are: there will be something new very soon.

    Something new and challenging.

  3. “Change is always hard, but we are going to be fine.” You said it. You are an amazing family, the best is yet to come. New beginnings…..

    yea…. don’t drive by.


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