How to deal with parents you don’t like

IT’S FINALLY HERE!  I’ve gestated and now I’ve given birth to the funniest webisode I’ve ever done and the funniest video I’ve done since “Moms with Scarves.”   This is the first of 8 episodes with Cafe Mom Studios for the NEW series “How To Be a Mom”.  I’m really proud of it and it was so great to work with a creative team after shooting, editing, feeding all by myself all year.

PLEASE watch, Please SUBSCRIBE to cafemomstudios on youtube to see them all ( and so I can do more).

My friend Sarah Maizes ( “professional writer, amateur mom” lol) guest stars as all the annoying parents that cross my path. Per usual, I couldn’t have done this without my kids, Vivien and Rex!

ENJOY and let me know what you think.


14 thoughts on “How to deal with parents you don’t like

  1. Hysterical. What about the judgy family members you just CAN’T get away from. Geography can help but those times where you’re thrown together for a little too long can be a real challenge… esp extended family, there’s always the need to be polite and respectful which is doubly annoying.
    Love the show, you’re naturally entertaining and have a lovely natural way on camera, unlike most of the mom vids one sees.

  2. LOL

    What about the situation where you like the mom and want to be friends with her but you cannot stand the LITTLE BRAT and don’t want him around your kid? Wait, did I just ‘say’ that outloud? heehee

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