Change of life

Wow, this lady is a hot mess.¬†Oh wait, I’m the hot mess.

When a mom is NOT ¬†needed all the time what defines her time? I had coffee with a friend yesterday, just to catch up. It was last minute. It felt like the ’90’s. However, I have not found my stride in my freelancing, housewife, mom, help my husband with his work life. It’s all a bit…fuzzy right now. My brain with it. Or maybe that’s because I’ve been drinking at Campanile while it’s still open ( 6 days to the close).
How did you handle it when your kids were in school?

6 thoughts on “Change of life

  1. My kids are older (17, 14, 10). When they were younger I was busy working, persuing my degree and blogging. I missed out on a lot of thier stuff when they were young because I was doing “me” stuff. And now, they no longer need me to be at home and as fate would have it–here I am–Home alone during school hours. I spend my time watching coolmom videos on youtube, cooking elaborate meals that they hate (they would be happy with mac and cheese and dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets) and reminding my husband that my surgery three weeks ago could have been the death of me (total exaggeration). I really have no advice for you as it would probably be boring for you to watch your own videos and your kids palates are probably already beyond dinosaur shaped nuggets. I do have this for you: since I began reading/watching you, I have at least an hour a day where I am amused/enlightened. You might not be nursing orphans, but you are writing and posting videos that amuse people like me–and during these tough economic times, free entertainment is the very best thing.

    • I love you. What a wonderful thing to say. You have made my day. Funny, in November I was planning on cooking more (since Campanile will be shut). Hope you are recovering well and THANK you for coming to cool mom.

  2. I love your wit and I totally agree with Deborah, you do a great service with
    your sense of humor and your ability to laugh at yourself.

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