Drama of the Morning dash!

I’ve been quiet the last few days since 1) did stand up for the first time in a while– really fun.  Met some HILARIOUS women.  2) the stress of the restaurant closing and dealing with an addiction issue in my families has caused me to have the MOST debilitating back problems I’ve ever had AND I got shingles.  I’m about to dash to the 2nd doctors appointment of the day, but I know I needed a chuckle, maybe you do to.  Here is the lates episode that I did with cafe mom studios.  Please share!  I have two words for it: Fun- ny.

5 thoughts on “Drama of the Morning dash!

  1. Oh, SHINGLES>

    I get so scared that one day I’m going to get that: b/c of all the stress I feel right now from getting my son ready for college.

    ALSO: living in a house divided due to post election results.

    YOu said it.


  2. Just wonderful video and sooo true! A professor (of counseling) I had in grad school advised a mom with 3 kids: if they won’t get dressed in time, they go to school in pajamas. First you warn, then you do it. Only takes one time and they never do it again. But there’s always the one kid who likes the pajama wearing attention! Might not work with him/her (85% likely to be a him). Never tried it myself..

  3. BRILLIANT! Watched the vid at least 5 times over breakfast, ignoring my kids…. Vivien is a real pro. Wish I could always FIND my keys like you did.

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