Dave Brubeck

If you’ve never listened to him on the occasion of his passing I hope you do. This is HIS website.  A grand master of piano jazz.  For “Take Five” alone he lived well, but he had a huge body of work.   When I was a kid one Christmas my dad gave us all albums as one of our presents.  He liked to buy theme presents.  We all get scarves, we all get  make up cases, etc.  Cecily was given Steve Martin’s “Comedy is not pretty.”  She was excited and so was I because we knew him, we loved him.  Then I excitedly opened mine. Dave Brubeck “Take Five.”  I had the little kid equivilent of WTF?  Who is this guy in a suit at a piano?  I was speechless.

My dad happily told me he was a great musician, a legend.  I’m sure I said something really warm like, “oh, yeah”. I was dissapointed as Cecily put on Steve Martin and we laughed.  She had the wacky guy with make up, I had some jazz dude.

I tucked the Brubeck album away in my room and didn’t touch it.

Then a few years later I was packing to go to college.  I spied the Dave Brubeck album.  I had enough sense to know that an old jazz album might be cool in college. Oh, how right I was!  When I settled into my freshman college apartment I set up my hunk of plastic all in one stereo, tape deck, radio, record player and put on Take Five.  Right away I got it. Then I was obnoxious with my new found jazz heritage.

“Who is that?” Some teen would ask.

“You don’t know Dave Brubeck?  He is a legend!”  As if I had discovered him.

So often we don’t hear what are parents are saying or what they are doing for us till we are quite old, if ever.  I’m glad at 18 I figured it out.  I laughed about this story with my dad.  He didn’t get his feelings hurt easily, so he was okay that I hadn’t loved the gift right away, but he was glad I appreciated it later.

Thank you Dave Brubeck for your great music.  Thank you daddy for introducing me to it.


5 thoughts on “Dave Brubeck

  1. Ah yes, I remember that Christmas…we thought Daddy must have found it in a 99¢ bin…little did we realize what a great gift he’d given you! Rest in Peace Dave Brubeck!!

  2. A famous Mark Twain quote speaks to your nicely-written post: “When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be twenty-one, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years.”

    Funny how we rebel against our parents, then we start to understand and have real relationships with our parents (if we’re lucky and they live long enough and we wise-up fast enough); then we dread turning INTO our parents. At some point, most of us realize there are worse things, because our parents were pretty damned decent.

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