Christmas love

Love getting the tree with the kids. 


Love decorating the tree with them.

photo booth fun with mark, kids and my mom

Love going to kitschy Holiday gatherings where we all dress up.

Love their excitement on all things Christmas.

Let’s see if YOU love all things Christmas.  I was just sent this video of a Christmas song by Richard Honig, the self proclaimed “Mister Rogers of Spiritual Pop” .  I bet it goes viral.


5 thoughts on “Christmas love

  1. Your family looks so festive. I tried to watch the video but I’m using a very
    ancient computer and couldn’t hear it properly.

  2. HE CANNOT BE real. If it’s a parody: then it’s brilliant.

    If he is REAL, in those Niagara Spray Starched to death pleated khakis, and those mom jeans, and that Chico’s acetate nylon shirt, if he’s REAL.

    Oh, god, then it’s even funnier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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