Take Your vitamins ( spons)

Are these kids getting their daily requirement of vitamin's?

I’m probably a bit too loose with the white stuff.

I don’t punish them if they don’t finish their veggies.

I bought them Advent calendars with a piece of chocolate for every day of December. Quicker than the little drummer boy could rump-a bump- bump they cleaned it out. On the 4th day all the chocolate was gone.

I found the discarded red foil wrappers under the breakfast table.  It’s all been eaten and there is nothing I can do. Except not buy one next year. Or keep it in a safe.

I do give them vitamins. I would anyway, but during holiday times when the nutritional zero food is flying it seems extra important. Most of the time they will take them, but a few times they refused as they didn’t like the way they taste.  I found some gummie types they will swallow if I edit out out the orange ones.

So, when I was asked to review the Target “up& up” brand vitamins it was good timing.  They passed our test.  My kids took them happily. Even the orange ones. Phew.  They also sent me the adult version.  Since I’m not a paragon of healthy eating this time of year either ( or any time of year) I was happy to try them as well.  The kids are in the shape of gummie bears.  Big mama’s are gummy, but round shaped.  I figured a big girl like me didn’t need a multi vitamin in gummy form, but dang, they were tasty.   Now they do have some sugar in them. But, like Mary Poppins says sometimes you need a little to get the medicine down.  Or dance with Dick Van Dyke.  I can’t remember.

If you want to try the vitamins for your kids and or yourself you can print a coupon for them here. COUPON As well as other products.

check out all the up&up line from Target. Over 1,000 quality products.   


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