Back to school homework

Take down the lights.

Throw that tree out.

Turn off the TV, it’s time to do homework.

After a vacation we have to reset the brain.  So put down the People, it’s time to get cracking on the 21st century child.   I was sent a few books to review that all fit into the education realm.  They are all exciting in their own way.

First up, “Home work:  A Parent’s Guide to Helping out without Freaking out” by Neil Mcnerney,M.Ed,LPC  ( not at I know what that LPC stands for)

I’m only one chapter in and I already know I’ve screwed up.  Lesson 1) don’t get agro.  If you yell, punish, blah, blah, berate, etc the kids will not do their homework because they want to be a super smarty who gets into Harvard, but will do it to shut his harpy mom up.

Now, the level of homework these days I’m NOT hip to. But, they will have it, so how will you deal with it? I say give this book a whirl.

Now, I’m a Tiger mom at heart, but a half way hippie mom in practice. This book hits both sides. If I could re raise myself ( and isn’t that what parenting is in a way?) I would read this book. Oh, I did read it. “Creating Innovators: The Making of Young People Who Will Change the World” by education expert Tony Wagner.  The economy is changing so much that I’m trying to get my footing, let alone set up the right foundation for my kids so they aren’t cleaning houses in Bejing.  Wagner believes Play does lead your kid to the the bright future of a Steve Jobs or ___( fill the blank for other creative super rich person).  While he wants your kids to play he is not seeing them as coffee jockeys.  Wagner was at the Harvard Graduate School of Education amongst other cred.  I’ve read much about how one of the few things America does export well is our creativity.  In order to raise a future innovator don’t go old school and rap the knuckles with a ruler, but give them a ruler and see what they come up with.  ( in a sense, my idea, not the authors)

Okay, so, now your child has done their homework and invented a car that runs on yard waste.  Where to send them to college? When my stepson Oliver was looking at colleges I said over and over like a broken record  ( oh, god, his generation doesn’t know what that is!) “what is the alumni network like at this school?”  I heard many stories from people about how connections through their school helped them land jobs.  I was, alas, not burdened with this at my alma mater. So I was all over this book:  “The Alumni Factor: A revolution in College Rankings”  The only college rankings based on alumni success.  Sure, a school may be pretty, far from your parents and have easy access to pot ( oh, well, that sounds like my school) but looking back, how was it for you?

Oliver made his decision and is in his first year at college.  I have several years before I send any other kid to university, however, reading this book I want to send myself.  ( Did I mention I am re raising myself?) There are great details on tons of schools.  I like to play fantasy and pick where I am going to go in my new parallel life.   ( Oh, god, I would be one of those “Women re entry” students.  The ladies with crows feet who took really good notes and valued their education).  If you have a teen check this book out.




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  1. Thanks for the review! I have to tell you that, even after writing the book, I tend to screw up at least weekly, especially on losing my temper. I think I’ve gotten much better at it, but it’s very, very hard.


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