Down on the town with Abbey

I had resolved to catch up with pop culture trends I have missed.  Thankfully, before I could watch the Twilight movies, Downton Abbey stole my heart.  It’s like they are trying trick us with a word that is so similar to downtown.   No Petula Clark, but lots of other Brits in an addictive show.  Here is my story…

(Um, this thumbnail looks like I’m smoking or kissing my fingers)


10 thoughts on “Down on the town with Abbey

  1. I like you inserting yourself. That greatly improves the cast.
    They do an awful lot of complaining and none of them are very funny.
    I would prefer a Daphne Brogdon parody of the whole thing.

  2. My husband said that same thing about Laura Linney the other night! I love Downton Abbey. It might have even slightly inspired our trip to Bath and London for xmas. I watch it with my four year old – she’s hooked too!

  3. Love DA! Somehow I was lucky enough to get on the train at the start, not sure how … I do keep my eye on the Masterpiece schedule each year, I guess. A few years ago they did several of the Jane Austen books (mostly new productions) … quite good! I basically love anything historical from the UK.

    Some suggestions (Netflix) …

    North and South – BBC Series (Elizabeth Gaskell, don’t confuse with American mini-series set in Civil War)

    Persuasion – 2007 (Sally Hawkins)

    Emma – 2009 (Masterpiece Classic)

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