My Funny Valentine

Remember when Nordstroms still had a piano player?  Well, after college I worked at Nordstroms for a few months. Freaking hated it.  They are hard core and it’s very tough to make your commission in Personal Accessories   when people return stuff — remember how they take everything back– a check that you thought was going to be good jumps down to piddle.  Back in the old days I had to sell $130 an hour to make my commission. That was a TON of money BACK then.   After Christmas it was tough.  But, I stuck it out while I lived at my mom’s and took classes and internships in broadcasting.

I folded scarves in our down time.  Every body touches the scarves.  Everybody touches them and doesn’t buy them.  So, I’m folding scarves for WEEKS praying I get a job in radio so I can quit this job while that piano player is playing “My Funny Valentine” over and over and over and over.  No wonder I started to turn on the day.

Cut to present day and I get TONS of emails asking me if I’m going to feature some gifts for V- day.  I think they meant to go to  ( they do stuff, I do stuff in my head).  Mind you I married a chef so Valentine’s day has always meant a lot of work and good biz for him.  Even this year when he is sans restaurant he is catering a dinner. My date is going to be one of my oldest male ( gay) friends.  We were briefly an item before he knew for sure he was gay back in college.  I knew he was, but he was ( and is) so attractive I wanted to hit that before he figured it out.   We are great friends and he is making Chicken Tagine.  We will drink red wine  ( chased with shitakes of course for brightness) and watch “Beast of the Southern Wild”.  Can’t wait.

Okay, so what will I get my husband for Valentine’s day?  The best thing I could give him.  Kindness.  Okay, now play the video.

5 thoughts on “My Funny Valentine

  1. My husband refuses to acknowledge valentines day, he thinks it’s ridiculous. What the hell is ridiculous about celebrating your love for each other, just ONE day of the year!??? God knows since the kids we NEED a reminder. So I’ll be sulking tomorrow.
    Love the fringe.

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