LA election day: still campaigning

Last night The hotline in the Garcetti Action Squad rang.  “Can you come to North Hollywood Red line stop?”  You bet.  Mother In law was over helping with Vivien’s homework. I put on my red coat and was bolted across town.

I joined other supporters to greet and support Eric Garcetti as he got off the subway.  He gave us hugs, or handshakes.  When he saw me he said, “oh, they brought out the big guns!!”

Many people stopped to talk with him or get a picture.  I would see someone looking interested that he was there, “You want to talk to the future mayor? Come on, get a picture”  I don’t know how anyone runs for Mayor in LA who doesn’t speak Spanish.  Eric easily moves between the English and Spanish while talking to the people.  As always I was impressed at how he handled  himself.

my pov from subway stop

You hear some funny things amidst the excitement that he generates.  One guy off to the side, “Hey, if I vote for you, will you get me off parole?”  Let’s move on…

TV cameras were waiting at the top.  My coat and I were clearly visible

That's my me and my hand to the left of of Eric

Eric, myself, other supporters and a couple of new found supporters walked down the street.  The candidate was up beat and clearly enjoying himself.  We walked to Bob’s espresso bar.  It had been picked as this owner had had a hard time opening it up.  Eric sat with him for awhile and told him about how he would streamline the permit process.  Ends up the guy was in Fast Times at Ridgemont High and makes good espresso.  I got a decaf.  

Show biz and restaurants, both tough businesses.  We had a great time all talking.  No press there.  Just connecting.  One guy shows up and I thought was giving Eric kind of hard time.  I would have smasehd him with a coffee mug, but Eric talked to him evenly.  Before we left I thought, hey, I want a picture.

Garcetti Action Squad always there when you need em!

3 thoughts on “LA election day: still campaigning

  1. Mike Damone! I remember him well! I love what you are doing to get involved in local politics and support a candidate you believe in. It’s very inspiring. Everyone I know and respect who lives in the City of LA loves and supports Eric Garcetti. I hope he wins.

  2. I missed this, I have a troubled computer that doesn’t always allow me to
    enjoy you properly. Sorry I couldn’t vote for Garcetti. I’m out of your town.

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