Washing up #spon

If someone asked me the best way to clean one self after a visit to the loo BEFORE I was a mom I would have made a face like this 

However, once you have a baby you spend years wiping little bottoms.  That’s how I learned that doing so with a moist wipe is easier and more effective than dry paper.  So, when Cottonelle asked me to try their “Fresh Care Flushable Wipes and Cottonelle Clean Care toilet paper” for people with big butts as well I was on board.

The idea is that we never clean up with out water any other time, so why neglect our loving back side?  There are some funny videos ala Candid Camera that demonstrate this


Hey, not to get “fresh”, but if given the option the way we care for our babies can be nice for us as well.  If a fresh feeling tushy isn’t enough to get you interested in putting your cleaning logic to the test, how about a bathroom makeover worth $10,000 

Why not use a flushable wipes?  You deserve it!

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