There better be WMD’s if you are calling me at 4am

Remember during the ’08 elections, the primaries when Hillary and Obama were going at Hillary had that commerical about who would do best when the phone rang at 3am?  Now, they were thinking about a national security issue.  “Russia has invaded Puerto Rico.”(see spoof here)

Then and now I think Hillary could do a good job in the middle of the night so I was wondering if she could answer my phone when it rings at 4am, as it did last night. It also rang at 4:16am, 4:31am, 4:40am, 4:52. It’s scary to be woken up in the middle of the night. Rather it should be, but I wasn’t rattled, I was just tired and pissed.  See, I knew there wasn’t crisis.

Cousin Floyd” was agitated.  New parents know the sleep deprivation of a newborn. But, grown up people can be more exhausting.  THERE IS NOTHING CUTE ABOUT THEM.  I don’t can’t have another Black Smoke day, but I’m exhausted.  When Rex kept me up with his stomach bug we did spend parts of the day cuddled up on the couch watching cartoons.  Now, I think I need to sleep and or find a support group.

But, most urgently, How do you block a number from calling your phone?  Would Hillary know? Do you?  Because I can’t function like this and my kids can’t either.  Vivien was so upset at being woken up and I don’t blame here.  It’s hard to have compassion at 4am, and 4:16, 4:31, 4:40…

Then the texting started.  That’s easier to turn off.

5 thoughts on “There better be WMD’s if you are calling me at 4am

  1. Turn of all phones. Unplug the land line.
    Bad news can wait for morning. (When you could also choose to ignore the calls.)
    Hope you get some rest.

  2. If you can’t figure out how to block the number then switch the ringer volume off so you can’t hear it. And for landlines, leave one off the hook so all they get is a busy signal.

  3. We take our (home) phone off the hook when we put the kiddo to bed at night … first so that the ring doesn’t wake him up (light sleeper, ugh) and second because I don’t want to talk to ANYONE after 8:30 pm. It goes back on the hook when we go to bed but if I get even one call during the night, it is off the hook until we are all up. We turn our cells off at bed time too. I agree that bad news can wait and since our only “dependent” still lives under or roof …

    Sorry, sleep deprivation is HELL.

  4. OH GOD! Reminds me of having a toddler and a new born ( just a few months ago ) and getting both to sleep, FINALLY! Getting into bed myself, and then the bloody neighbour playing the piano ( at 2am) and playing really badly while singing along, oh the HORROR. Sleep deprivation is a serious crime if someone else is at fault. ( someone under the age of 4 )
    Cousin Floyd is your extended family, is he not? How do you find peace with that? I have extended family who are a real burden on my family life, it’s not going to stop, it’s just how it is. But my family life at the moment means ME! Wives somehow get the burden of most loads in my experience. How do you deal with it?
    Too personal? Totally understand if you can’t respond, or don’t wish to respond.

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