8 thoughts on “Women’s hidden shame

  1. That made my otherwise extmeley stressful day!! Friggin hilarious! Almost as bad as a snarf which Ava manages to pull of about once a day. You rock.

  2. Oh my god that was hilarious and made my day. LOL in the best way…not that it’s ever happened to me!
    You’re awesome, Daph

  3. Oh,what is it about the VART ( love that word ) that is so vile? It’s can never be funny like a fart it’s just not acceptable! Happened to me many a time, in more romantic situations…. oh, oh, the shame.

  4. I’m reposting this comment from my friend from my personal FB page. “You are killing me Daph, Im trying to keep my yogic composure,,,but since I knew you before….inversions bring varts,or queefs, as we call them in the biz, forward bends and twists bring farts. The older the person, the more likely it is to happen, fart-wise, varts have no age limitations. Happens alot. I mean ALOT! Years of wardrobe prepared me for this.”

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