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Recently my step daughter came by for a quick visit.  Good big sister that she is she was on the trampoline in the back with Vivien and Rex.  Vanessa came in laughing and told me what they had discussed.  Something came up about what they each would have on their very own channel.   I didn’t hear what they all chose for themselves, but Vanessa told me that Vivien said,

“My mom’s channel would be home improvement shows and cocktails.”

Wow, the kid is smart.  Yep, sounds like my little bit of heaven alright.

"Let mommy have her moment, Curb Appeal the block is on."

Of course,  ironically, I do have this site and my youtube channel and there is little home improvement on it and NO cocktails.  Perhaps the content one creates isn’t the same as the content one consumes.  Maybe I should switch up my emphasis here.


2 thoughts on “what’s YOUR channel

  1. Nothing wrong with you doing a few coolmom vids with a cocktail in the hand.. get the good times in while you can. I can’t bloody handle alcohol anymore. The combination of not sleeping enough and a few glasses is B R U T A L , one glass of red makes me feel like I’ve been on a bender all night.

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