why I am NOT a coolmom

I look like Chesty McChesty here

A cool mom could go to Europe without her kids and be fine.  A cool mom would have some cute little attractive hair cut as she occasionally skyped with her kids while she lost herself in her trip knowing the kids were taken care off. She’d have a cute outfit like Julie Christy in “Darling”, not the same flip flops and ratted up hair all week.

" Hello, are my children alright?"

I had moments, but overall Failed this coolmom test.

Mark and I were in Spain for 8 days.  Long story short.  I love Spain.  It makes America look like a dirty, decaying bag of trash.  I had great food and wine.  I met wonderful people.  I had moments when the pain of being away from kids felt physical.

As I landed at LAX I texted my mom .  “We’ve landed”

“I know”  She wrote.  She had been following me on flight tracker.  “Now, never do this again.”

I promise mom, I won’t.

More on my trip this week.

2 thoughts on “why I am NOT a coolmom

  1. MORE!!!! Sorry, missed your coolmom posts so much… Can’t think of leaving my kids but dread the thought of never being ABLE to go on a break abroad without them.. luxurious problems.

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