Rex Returns

Well, to video.  The schools have stolen my best talent.  But, good news, Summer is upon us.  Vivien is almost out, but my former sidekick  my son is done with his first full year of fulltime preschool and he is ready to make time for his moms silly practice of making online videos.

Really, he couldn’t wait!  Really?


5 thoughts on “Rex Returns

  1. wow! that sounds cool i loved DE’s piece on your last hooutsn gig and i’m gonna get a hold of that punk rock flyer thing he did when i can in the meantime, i just read patti smith’s just kids’ and really dug it her writing about that period in nyc is very evocative (how about when ginsberg gives her an extra quarter for the laundry? or was it a sandwich?) and tracing the period through the lens of her relationship with mapplethorpe was a very clever way to approach the memoir’ looking forward to seeing you in harrisburg, pc and maybe elsewhere if i can slip outta here ackles

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