NO Camp Camp

Summer is here and I have my children in a different camp every week!  Well, not really. I was recently accused of “allowing my children to play unsupervised in the backyard.”  Call me guilty!  They have a childhood.

I haven’t signed them up for stuff all summer.  Why?

1) I want to spend time with them

2)  I don’t have full time job so I don’t need to

3) they need to play

4)  I don’t want to have to be somewhere every morning when I do that 9 months out fo the year

5) They need to play  I’m not the first to say this may experts do.

But, just so you can see what I’m doing to these poor kids and call Children Protective services here is a special report.

Oh, with  a nod to my rabid anti circumcision stance.

4 thoughts on “NO Camp Camp

  1. My kids are older now, but when they were little I had a similar comment from a relative. I was so stunned I couldn’t respond. I think it would be exhausting to so hypervigilant that I had to stand watch in my own backyard … which is fenced, gated.

  2. I have summer camp in my backyard, too! I’m lucky enough to have summers off, so I take full advantage of it with my kids. Most days you will find us in the back, the girls goofing around in the blow up pool and me reading! Fancy!

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