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Had the best time with mom the other night. She had tickets to see Hillary Clinton speak.  I was curious after my work for her in ’08 how this new incarnation of Hillary would seem.  The only downside was the lecture was at the theatre at Universal City Walk.  The entire Universal “city” I consider one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.  

Plus the traffic and over priced parking! Oy.  So, Mark drop us off at the Metro station and my mom and I took the subway.  Easy and wasn’t tempted to pay extra for the closer “Woody Woodpecker” parking.  Seriously, that’s a thing.

Hillary was 45 minutes late.  Bad form.  Everyone is a buzz, is she going to run in ’16? Yes, no… Well, I say, she is.  You know why.  Because when she walked out I said out loud, “Oh, game on!”   Gone was the long hair, and puffy face of too much travel as Secretary of State and back was a cute short hair do and a fab pant suit. Almost Tiffany blue.   I do NOT diminish Ms. Hillary by noting her look.  Women can send signals about what is going on with them by their look.  For instance I’m usually in the “I got this schmatta from Target, kind of cute, but not great because everything I have gets dirty and I rarely need to look professional these days.”  That’s my signal.

Her presentation was NOT Prez ready.  It was more about international affairs, a tad C-span.( There was a lady snoring near me, but she apologized later that she has sleep apnea.)  When I was following her around in ’08 her delivery was very different.  But, you know this has been her life for the last 4 years.  She is CLEARLY showing her law and order, hawk  side.  She is pissed at Edward Snowden.  ( Frankly I haven’t made up my mind about all aspects of this situation, though my knee jerk reaction is to stick up for the outsider, troublemaker)

I worry that if Chris Christie’s lap band thing works his charisma might trump her experience. Which would be annoying as that’s what happened last time.  But, with a bit more rest I think she can get the ’08 fire back. Yes, I do think if Chris Christie stays super fat he can’t make run, or a walk, or a saunter.

In the Q and A that followed ( not T and A, now that would have been sexist) Benghazi was talked about at length.  I had to lean in to get it.  I was interested, but since it started late I was starting to think, “are the trains going to stop running?  Can we get to the W hotel in time for a late snack?”  How to sum up the response?  In a nutshell, it wasn’t an embassy, some other name they gave it.  There was CIA there to protect and the local militia who was supposed to help didn’t.

It was a big crowd and they all want her to run.  Though lots were running out early because it was a school night and I did mention the AWFUL traffic in the parking lot around Universal right?

Our train was delayed to due track maintenance so our plan didn’t seem as brilliant later.  But, we did get to the W in time to share a kale salad and chicken with two glasses of white wine in the bar lobby.

good times

Mom and I didn’t look like the rest of the hip youngins who were out.  A bunch of people were dressed in white clothes to go to a club there.  As we left in a cab I pointed out to lumpy girls in tight white dresses.

Me: “What are they thinking?”

Mom: “Maybe they don’t have a mirror.”

Me: ” In the ’50’s did you ever see women dressed in clothes like that?”

Mom:”back then we didn’t have these stretchy fabrics.” pause “We also didn’t have so many fat people.”

Me: ” Is that partly because speed pills were ready available?”

Mom: “Partly.  Also, we had big skirts and those..”

Me:  “Are more flattering”

If those lumpy lasses had been a pant suit, yes, I would have thought differently about them.


8 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton, the latest

  1. Good to hear about Hillary and that she seems to have shed the “I haven’t slept in days, am jet lagged and oh so tired” look. I’m with you on Snowden. Can’t quite decide but down deep hope he stays safe and out of jail. Ah yes, the 50’s. The only jeans you could buy were men’s and didn’t fit me, of course. I’m glad everything changed!!

  2. There is historical prneedcet: I like Ike you could chalk it up to being famous for something else before running for office (winning WWII, putting up with bill clinton). Still, I can’t help but think that sexism has something to do with it.

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