Stay at home moms are screwed

Did you see that piece last week in the Sunday NY Times?  About 40 something moms trying to regain footing the job market.  It was depressing.  These woman had taken 10 years off.  The most I didn’t work was one year, yet, my jets have cooled a bit the last couple of years so this article scared the shit out of me.

If you went to an Ivy league college and kept up with your contacts it might not be so bad for you.  But, for the 99% of us the message seems to be, don’t quit your day job.

But, which one?  That’s the pain the modern mom continues to struggle with.

4 thoughts on “Stay at home moms are screwed

  1. Yeah, I experienced being screwed in the workplace recently when I took a “full-time” substitute teaching job for the remainder of a school year when the regular teacher suddenly quit. It wouldn’t have been so bad, except that the teacher left no lesson plans, and the classroom was out of control. And then I found out that I was only getting paid the standard substitute pay to do all this extra work. I almost lost my mind.

    Actually, now that I think about it, I did lose my mind. Not sure if I’ve found it yet.

  2. i’ve been home for 7.5 years and am pondering re-entering the workforce in a few months. of course, i only want part-time work, which seems to mean lower hourly pay for the same work as a full time person, which makes no sense to me. i can get nearly as much work done in 30hrs a week as a 40hr person and i don’t have any benefits. grrr.

    so, i’ve started networking to find a 20hr a week job that requires my very specific skill set and will pay me enough to be worth to be somewhere, on a schedule, showered and dressed!

  3. This article set off so many things for me. I left corporate law and the 50-60 hour weeks in 1994 and have not returned. I would not want that job again. We realized that any job would require one of us to devote a large chunk of after tax income to find quality child care, and after having a great career in the public sector, taking time out to go to law school, and then working for a blue chip firm, I was ready to be something else. I have never regretted it. Would I like to find a flex job with decent pay now after nearly 20 years? You bet, but it isn’t easy for a 53 year old. With my fabulous husband, who appreciates the things I do every day ( believe me, I am no Martha Stewart at home but I do okay), and with one in college and one nearly there, I am now running for public office and still volunteering for those things I want to do. I do not consider myself June Cleaver, and truly believe that I am lucky to have found it all. Maybe I thought I could be a corporate leader, but I could not have a better life. We would have been financially more comfortable with me working, but our family life would not be as rich. I’m good with it all. Wish they had talked to me.

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